I am unable to connect my CARFIT PULS sensor to my iPhone

If you have left your car and come back and are not able to reconnect to your CARFIT PULS sensor, here are some steps to take to reconnect. Other actions that cause you to face connection issues such as turning your phone off, putting it in airplane mode, or killing your app can also be solved with the following steps. 

1. Turn your bluetooth off then back on again. 

2. Restart your phone.

3. Re-set your PULS sensor. 

  • Hold down the PULS sensor button for 10 seconds. (all the LED lights will flash once)
  • Press the PULS sensor button one time. (the two outer LED lights will be solid and the center one will blink)
  • You are now in pairing mode.
  • Your PULS sensor should automatically reconnect.

4. Replace your batteries. If you are having difficulty getting power to your CARFIT PULS sensor you may need to replace your batteries. 

  • Carefully pop the top off your PULS sensor. 
  • Remove the batteries and replace with three new CR2032 batteries


Should any of these steps not resolve your connection issues please contact us at

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